General Policies for "A" League

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The following are some general league rules that you should be aware of:

  • Practices: Are defined as an adult and more than one child from the team. Leagues for players ages 3–8 can hold only two practices per week once the season has begun. This is in addition to games. Ages 9 and up can only hold four practices per week.
  • Batting Order: Batting order shall consist of all players present and that order shall remain the same throughout the game. Each player shall bat when his/her turn comes regardless of whether or not he/she played in the field during the inning.
  • Defensive: It is required that all players in the association play three innings per game unless he/she is removed or not allowed to play for disciplinary reasons. Written notification of disciplinary action must be turned into the Athletic Supervisor prior to the next scheduled game.
  • Disciplinary Action: Disciplinary action may result in your child “sitting out” a game for such violations as unacceptable language (i.e., profanity, words to incite spectators, derogatory remark against umpires, players, coaches or spectators).

If you feel any of these rules have been violated, please discuss the problem with your Head Coach. If you are not satisfied with the results, please provide the Athletic Supervisor with a written description of your concern.