Tournament events are held on a regular basis throughout the year.

League Schedule

League schedules are available online and will be updated with scores as the season progresses.  Check back regularly to see your teams' standing.


In the lead up to the next season of league play, be sure to check out the Registration Page for how to get your team signed up.

Coaching Information

Are you a coach participating in events at the Parks at Texas Star?  If you are, then check out our Coaching Information.

Summer All Star Tournament Teams

The All Star/Tournament Teams participate in a significantly more competitive environment than recreational league play. Don't miss this opportunity to compete in challenging summer season of play.

Who's Coming

Interested in seeing what teams will be participating in upcoming league play?  Check out the Who's Coming List.

The Parks at Texas Star management expects players, coaches, and spectators to read and follow all policies and rules in order to set an example of sportsman like conduct.