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  • When and where will I get the tournament schedule?

    All tournament schedules run by the Parks at Texas Star will be posted on the Wednesday before the tournament. They will also be emailed to the coaches.

  • Can we wear metal spikes?

    Metal spikes are not allowed at The Parks at Texas Star.

  • Can I request not to play on a certain day/time?

    There is a spot on the registration page for special requests. All efforts will be made to accommodate these requests. However, there is no guarantee.

  • Do we need to provide balls for the tournament?

    The Parks at Texas Star will provide two balls per game. Each team will need to provide one new ball and one used ball per game.

  • What will happen if it rains?

    The Rainout Line (817-500-5156) and this web site will be updated if it rains. After that, the Parks at Texas Star will do everything in its power to prepare the fields so they are playable and ensure that all games are completed in the allotted time.