Fall Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does registration take place?

    Registration will be open from June to Mid-August. 
  • Where do I register?

    You can register online or in-person at the Euless Family Life Center, 300 W Midway Dr., Euless, TX 76039 
  • Can my child to play up a division?

    All players will play in the age division according to how old they will be as of April 30. A parent may make the request for a player to play up an age division if they desire. Any player moving up before they are of age must be cleared by the Athletic Supervisor.
  • How are teams formed?

    Fall teams will be formed using rosters from the previous year's spring season, a blind draw and the buddy system. A player may always return to his previous spring team as long as the team remains in the same age division. 
  • Can my children play on the same team?

    Siblings of the same age division will always play together, unless parents request they play on different teams. 
  • How long is the season?

    The fall season begins Labor Day and will end by the first week of November (weather depending).
  • When does practice begin?

    Practice will begin after the registration deadline. 
  • How many practices and games are there per week?

    4U – Teams are allowed up to two events (games and/or practices) per week.

    6U-12U - Teams are allowed up to four events (games and/or practices) per week. You can expect 1-2 games per week. 

  • Where are games and practices?

    Games are played at the Parks at Texas Star and practices are held at Bob Eden Park, West Park or Midway Park.
  • When are games?

    Games are on Saturdays with the possibility of games during the week. 
  • What equipment will players need?

    Players will need a glove, rubber cleats (steel cleats are not allowed), an athletic cup, a personal helmet and bat.  
  • Can my child be put on a team with his or her friends?

    For those players that are registering as individuals in the “A” League, the buddy system can be utilized. If two players would like to be assigned to the same team, they can make that request on their registration form. All buddy requests must be reciprocating and may not be in violation of the rules. The buddy system can only be used if both players do not have a team. 
  • Are there any other costs are involved?

    The league provides a hat and jersey. Teams may decide to purchase matching pants, belts and socks. 
  • Does everyone get a trophy?

    Every player receives a participation trophy. 
  • What do I do to sign up as a Coach?

    Anyone interested in coaching a team must fill out a Coaches application and pass the background check. Background checks are done through TAAF. 
  • When and where will I get the tournament schedule?

    All tournament schedules run by the Parks at Texas Star will be posted on the Wednesday before the tournament. They will also be emailed to the coaches.

  • Can we wear metal spikes?

    Metal spikes are not allowed at The Parks at Texas Star.

  • Can I request not to play on a certain day/time?

    There is a spot on the registration page for special requests. All efforts will be made to accommodate these requests. However, there is no guarantee.

  • Do we need to provide balls for the tournament?

    The Parks at Texas Star will provide two balls per game. Each team will need to provide one new ball and one used ball per game.

  • What will happen if it rains?

    The Rainout Line (817-500-5156) and this web site will be updated if it rains. After that, the Parks at Texas Star will do everything in its power to prepare the fields so they are playable and ensure that all games are completed in the allotted time.