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Yogi Berra said, "What's wrong with Major League Baseball is Little League." Well, children's athletics are sometimes more about parents grooming their kids for the Hall of Fame than about having fun. But do you know how many kids actually become professional athletes? About 1/1000th of 1%. But that doesn't mean sports aren't very important they teach character, performance under pressure, humility in winning and graciousness in losing. Use sports to teach those lessons that's true victory.

Concussion Testing

Sometimes when athletes give the game their all, they give more than intended. A growing trend suggests that athletes are returning to their sport or exercise too soon after suffering a concussion - a decision that can cause brain damage. If you have ever had a concussion, you know that the symptoms can be debilitating and often times require special attention and care.

If you suspect you or a loved one has a concussion, please get tested at a medical facility.

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Check out the Baseball Perspective for the opinions of a former professional baseball player on the current state of the game.

Do you have questions about baseball rules?
Try asking your questions at Stum The Ump!

Profane language, unsportsmanlike conduct, abuse of game officials, and intoxication will not be tolerated in the ballpark at any time.

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